By Justin Worland
January 5, 2015

San Francisco police shot and killed a man brandishing a fake gun in the parking lot of a police station on Sunday.

The man, 32, had entered the restricted lot through an open gate and ignored officers’ requests that he leave, Police Chief Greg Suhr told the San Francisco Chronicle. Two officers opened fire when the man reached for what appeared to be the butt of a gun holstered at his waist. The weapon turned out to be an air soft or BB gun.

The shooting has the potential to draw further attention to the issue of realistic looking toy guns. A national outcry followed the shooting and killing of a 12-year-old Cleveland boy who was playing with a toy gun in November.

Officers in San Francisco and across the country have responded to recent tensions between police and civilians with heightened awareness of potential threats, Shur told the Chronicle.

“This is a job where very sadly we lose officers,” he said. “It’s on all our minds. But we’ve got a job to do, so we’re going to do it.”

[SF Chronicle]

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