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Serial: Rabia Chaudry Says Jay’s Recent Comments Weaken Credibility

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Rabia Chaudry, the attorney who originally asked journalist Sarah Koenig to take on Adnan Syed’s case, spoke out in a recent op-ed.

Syed’s murder conviction in the death of his girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in high school turned into the plot of Koenig’s new, wildly popular podcast Serial. The star witness of the case, who says he helped Syed bury Lee’s body, Jay Wilds, recently broke his silence about his involvement, arguing Syed is guilty and that he was telling the truth.

In her Guardian op-ed, Chaudry says she’s glad Wilds recently spoke to the Intercept. She writes that she was long hoping Wilds would speak up, since his testimony was all the state of Maryland had to convict Syed. Now, she says, his most recent recounting of the story doesn’t add up—and that could work in Syed’s favor.

For example, in the trial, Wilds said he and Syed buried Lee’s body at 7pm. However, in his interview with the Intercept, Wilds says they buried the body at midnight–many hours later.

Chaudry writes:

Wilds’ interview, while not a sworn statement, can still be used to impeach his previous statements and credibility – and challenge the state’s version of events in any future re-trial. It could even be used as a basis – new evidence – for a new post-conviction appeal. And, if an appeal re-opens the case, a new trial may not be attractive to the state when there are so many questions about their key witness.

The first part of Wilds’ interview was published on Monday, followed by part two Tuesday. The third part is yet to be released.

You can read Chaudry’s full response, here.

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