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Some television networks play heartwarming content over the holiday season — but not CBS. On Sunday’s episode of Undercover Boss, Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill CEO Doug Guller not only fired a bartender after she declined to wear a bikini on television, but also incentivized a different waitress by offering to pay for her breast augmentation.

Just the brand of American dream you’d expect to be served at an establishment that calls itself “America’s first breastaurant.”

In the above clip, Guller sits down with Jessica to discuss her decision to forgo wearing a bikini while on camera. (Note: Jessica follows the dress code on normal work days, just not when her grandma can see it on TV.) “That was a big bummer from my point of view,” Guller tells a bummed Jessica in front of an even more bummed audience. He had previously told cameras that he was actually “f****** pissed” — after all, “It’s called Bikinis, not Tee-shirts.”

While he had other complaints (including over-serving a customer and admitting to a disguised Guller that her ambitions extended beyond the breastaurant industry), he maintains his main reason for firing Jessica is her insistence at remaining fully clothed on TV.

But Guller isn’t a complete Grinch.

Just like Santa, Guller offers a different server a reward for her work ethic. “I’m going to make you a deal,” he tells Grace, promising her a free breast augmentation if she’s a “rock star” for the next six months.

“This makes my job so much easier,” she says. “I don’t even have to talk as much because they do the talking.”

Suffice it to say, the Twitterverse was not pleased.

Bikinis has also received backlash on its Yelp page. “Why would anyone who respects women spend their money in a dump like this?” asks one reviewer.

Guller appears unconcerned.

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