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December 29, 2014 1:43 PM EST

Had enough Candy Crush and looking for something new to play on your iPhone? We rounded up some favorites worth a download this week. Have fun!


Dwelp is a lot like the popular iPhone game Dots, but slightly less intuitive and a lot more puzzling. The goal is to connect all the same-colored dots. However, once two dots are connected, the others on the screen of the same color cannot be moved. The game is simple, but the connective swirls between dots add a nice touch to the two-dimensional gameplay. Dwelp is challenging, a lot of fun, and immensely frustrating.

Dwelp is available for $1.99 in the App Store.

Golden House

For a game that looks and plays a lot like an old Game Boy game, Golden House is surprisingly well-adapted to the detail-oriented world of the iOS arcade. The goal is to rescue your character’s sister from a haunted house while dodging obstacles and enemies. The story is almost as much fun to follow as the game is to play. Overall, it’s a pretty charming imitation of a gaming relic.

Golden House is free in the iTunes App Store.


Even if Jump were a horribly boring and impossible-to-complete puzzle, it would still be a lot of fun to look at due to vibrant colors that don’t blind users. But it isn’t boring. Jump can keep you occupied almost indefinitely by combining puzzles and arcade style gaming in which players must solve a puzzle, collect items, and eventually find an exit to the level in order to reach the next stage.

Jump is free in the iTunes App Store.

Ultimate Robot Fighting

If you were a childhood fan of games like Marvel vs. Capcom or MechWarrior, then Ultimate Robot Fighting is probably your ideal iOS game. Develop your fighting robot and put it into an arena in order to do battle against heavily armed enemies. Upgrade your kit and fight a series of even-deadlier robots in order to mash your way to the top.

Ultimate Robot Fighting is free in the iTunes App Store.

Jump Car

Although your real-world driving skills in no way translate over to this mobile game, your ability to skillfully and selectively tap on the screen will. Jump Car, from the developers of 2048, will probably be just as addicting and just as good as the one that made them famous. The goal is simple: jump your way from level to level without crashing your car. Climb as high as you possibly can without dying. The game literally never ends.

Jump Car is free in the iTunes App Store.

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