December 21, 2014 11:20 AM EST

Mike Myers reprised his role of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers trilogy during the Dec. 20 show of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Amy Adams. In a sketch mocking the Sony hack, allegedly the work of North Korea, Dr. Evil hacks a Sam Smith commercial to set the audience straight on what it means to truly be evil, poking fun at the decisions hackers made that eventually led to Sony putting an indefinite hold on the film The Interview.

SNL’s “Girlfriends Talk Show” also returned for its latest installment, which focuses on how the co-host, Morgan, played by Aidy Bryant, just can’t please her dance team captain, played by Amy Adams. Turns out Morgan freezes up each time the team’s male dancers — played by One Direction, the show’s musical guest — show up around her.

In another sketch, Cecily Strong starred as Sarah Koenig, the host of the podcast Serial that took the nation by storm this year, and just wrapped up its first season this week. In Strong’s podcast, she investigates how an elf Kris Kringle, played by Kyle Mooney, transports gifts across the world in only one night.

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