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Red Light Cams Linked to Increased Rear-End Collisions in Chicago

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A new Chicago-focused study links red light cameras to a coinciding rise in rear-end collisions, casting doubts on claims that the mounted cameras improve safety at intersections.

The study’s findings, published by the Chicago Tribune Friday, found that while traffic cameras appeared to reduce injuries by 15% for collisions at right angles, where one car crashes head-on into the side of another car, those improvements were overshadowed by a 22% increase in injuries from rear-end accidents. Taken together, the study shows a statistically insignificant increase of injuries by 5%.

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Arresting A Rioter
Three policemen taking away a civil rights protester during race riots in Newark, N.J., 1967.Evans/Getty Images
Police officers at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, August, 1968. Maury Englander—FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Police arrest a protestor during an Earth Day demonstration at Boston's Logan Airport, August, 1970. Spencer Grant—Getty Images
Anti-Klan Protest Police
A police officer with a tear gas gun during an anti-Ku Klux Klan protest in Washington D.C., November, 1982. Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images
Police chase demonstrator who smashed a watermelon in the st
Police chase a demonstrator involved in a protest over the death of a black teen-ager killed by a white assailant in Brooklyn, N.Y., 1989.Gerald Herbert—New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images
Houston police officers arrest 18 August 1992 a de
Houston police officers arrest a pro-immigration demonstrator in Houston for protesting in the wrong place, August, 1992.Walt Freck—AFP/Getty Images
Washington police officers in riot gear stand watc
Washington D.C. police officers gather outside the World Bank as protesters mass, April, 2000.Luke Frazze—AFP/Getty Images
Anti-war Protestors In Chicago
Police in riot gear and armed with pepper spray at an anti-war protest in Chicago, March, 2003. Scott Olson—Getty Images
A Washington, D.C., police officer pepper sprays demonstrators after a barricade along Pennsylvania Avenue was pulled down during the inaugural parade, January 20, 2005.Emile Wamsteker—Bloomberg News
Pittsburgh G-20 Summit 2009
A police officer stands guard during the G20 protests in Pittsburgh, September, 2009. Jason Andrew—Getty Images
A man backs away as law enforcement officials close in on him and eventually detain him during protests over the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager killed by a police officer, in Ferguson, Mo.
A man backs away as police close in on him during unrest in Ferguson, Mo. following Michael Brown's death, Aug. 11, 2014.Whitney Curtis—The New York Times
Police fire tear gas in the direction of where bottles were thrown from crowds gathered near the QuikTrip on W. Florissant Avenue on Aug. 18, 2014.
Police fire tear gas after protesters threw bottles in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 18, 2014.David Carson—St Louis Post-Dispatch/Polaris

The results come amid Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s push to mount cameras on traffic lights city wide. The programs have attracted a growing backlash from critics who question its safety benefits and worry the program will lead to a swelling of ticket payments.

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