Today’s daily Photojournalism Links collection highlights Melissa Lyttle‘s work from the tiny southern Caribbean island of Curaçao, which has become an unlikely breeding ground of major league baseball players. The autonomous territory, which is linked to the Netherlands, is twice the size of Brooklyn, and has a population of 150,000. But in baseball, it’s a giant: in 2014 alone, it had seven players in the MLB, making Curaçao the land with the most major leaguers per capita in the world this last season. One of them, Didi Grigious, is likely to succeed Yankees legend Derek Jeter as the team’s new shortstop. Lyttle’s photographs capture a fascinating glimpse of the island; its notoriously rocky fields and future talent.

Melissa Lyttle: An Unlikely Source of Big Talent (The New York Times)

Lynn Johnson: The First Year (National Geographic) These compelling photographs document children’s early development.

Julian Röder: Mission and Task (Wired Rawfile) These pictures capture the officers and equipment that European Union uses to guard its borders.

Top 100 Photos of 2014 (TIME LightBox)

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