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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were received on a Monday evening by America’s royal couple, Queen B and Jay Z. The brief, but momentous, event — at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where both couples watched the Brooklyn Nets play the Cleveland Cavaliers — was naturally chronicled in detail.

Royalty has arrived! Everyone is really excited.

Oh, the other royals are here too.

Also, Lebron “King” James.

The big moment is imminent, and people are pretty psyched about Beyoncé’s walk:

Viewers muse that this is a big deal for Kate Middleton. It’s not everyday that one meets royalty, after all.

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Everyone wants to know what they’re saying.

What could it be, what could it be … could it be?

Now everyone is freaking out.

Including Kate, apparently.

O.K., not everyone.

Whatever. They just don’t understand:

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