By Rishi Iyengar
December 4, 2014

The fees paid to The Interview stars Seth Rogen and James Franco are among the latest leaks to result from the recent cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Rogen, who co-wrote the comic film about Kim Jong Un, was apparently paid more than $8.4 million, Bloomberg reports. He plays an undercover reporter sent to assassinate the North Korean dictator, as does his co-star Franco, who reportedly netted $6.5 million for the movie.

The hackers leaked the entire budget of The Interview, which reportedly cost $44 million including a $5,000 cameo fee for Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline, and $250 for props like “weed, coke, pills and panties.”

The group behind the attacks is supposedly affiliated with the North Korean regime that described the film as an act of war, and previously leaked several unreleased Sony Pictures films before revealing the compensation details of some of Sony Pictures’ top executives.

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