By Nolan Feeney
December 3, 2014

TIME’s influential teen Becky G follows up what should have been the song of the summer with “Can’t Stop Dancin’,” a slow-burning song that’s ostensibly about dancing — but also clearly about other things as well (sample lyric: “And I won’t stop you, no, I like it there / You can even go further, babe”).

It’s sort of a misleading title, though, as the video features several scenes where the 17-year-old has, in fact, stopped dancing. The video opens with her standing on a porch, hair blowing in the wind, not dancing. Around the one-minute mark, Becky G and acquaintances are in a club, but they’re sitting at a table, not dancing. Around the two-minute mark, she stops dancing again to reapply her makeup in the mirror. A little bit before the three-minute mark, the camera cuts to Becky sitting in a chair, probably taking a well-deserved breather after all that dancing, but, again, not actually dancing. Later, she’s seen seated on the floor, zoning out with her headphones. Definitely not dancing.

Conclusion: Becky G can pull some hairography to rival Britney, but she can, in fact, stop dancing.

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