The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
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November 11, 2014

Inside Obama’s Net Neutrality Power Play

President Barack Obama’s decision to call for the strictest regulation of consumer broadband Internet was the result of months of internal White House debate over how to push the Federal Communications Commission to propose stronger “Net Neutrality” rules

How bin laden’s Killer Broke the SEAL Code of Silence

Those who brag about killing bin Laden erode the support the SEALs will need for their next mission

China, U.S. Cut Trade Deal

The United States and China struck a deal late Monday for the expansion of trade and the removal of many tariffs on high-tech goods

Science Finally Proves Your Cat is Wild

A new study on house cats found that our feline companions are actually only semi-domesticated. People began domesticating cats about 9,000 years ago but DNA researchers found house cats still have many of the same traits as their wild cousins

Arctic Blast Takes Aim at Millions of Americans

Heavy snow and freezing temperatures swept through the Upper Midwest on Monday, with parts of Minnesota, Montana and Wisconsin getting around a foot of powder, triggering flight cancellations and hundreds of car crashes as the roads turned into ice. More than 100 schools were closed and Veterans Day activities were called off because of the sudden onset of winter weather

South Korea Ferry Captain Sentenced to 36 Years in Prison

The chief engineer received a 30-year sentence, while the other 13 members of the crew will serve up to 20 years

Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder Get Medal of Freedom

(BEIJING) — Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder and Tom Brokaw are among the latest Americans tapped to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, President Barack Obama announced Tuesday

Ebola Doctor Out of New York Hospital

Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, a physician with Doctors Without Borders, will be released from Bellevue Hospital Center on Tuesday morning, the New York Times reports

Pizza Hut Throws a Hail Mary Pass

Depends how you feel about honey sriracha crust and balsamic drizzles

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Play Edward Snowden

Producers confirmed Monday that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will playEdward Snowden in the Oliver Stone movie set to start shooting in Munich in January

Exclusive: Women Turned Out for Hillary in the Midterms

Clinton’s appearances on the campaign trail gave discernable bumps in female support to various Democrats, according to an analysis by Correct the Record, a pro-Hillary group

Former NFL Player Orlando Thomas Dies

Former NFL player Orlando Thomas died in Louisiana on Monday after succumbing to Lou Gehrig’s Disease, his agent told Bloomberg

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