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Watch John Oliver Fire a Salmon Cannon at Jon Stewart, Kelly Ripa and Homer Simpson

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John Oliver went on a rampage during this season’s final episode of Last Week Tonight, but it wasn’t just with strong words for state legislatures or dogs dressed as U.S. Supreme Court justices or Michael Bloomberg‘s .nyc web address shopping spree.

This time, though, he was armed … with a salmon cannon.

After watching a news clip showing a salmon cannon in action helping fish return to their spawning grounds, Oliver was inspired to buy his own and try it at home. He then took a page out of Lew Zealand’s playbook and started throwing fish. He started by chucking one at the face of his former The Daily Show co-worker Jon Stewart, then Jimmy Fallon got one and then he went wild spraying salmon at everyone from Kelly Ripa to Anderson Cooper to Meredith Grey mid-operation on Grey’s Anatomy, hitting an actress mid-dramatic break up on a CBS soap and even burying Homer Simpson in the flying fish.

It’s a fish-throwing feat that is possibly the best thing to ever happen to Grey’s Anatomy.

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