By Samantha Grossman
November 6, 2014

Neil Young doesn’t just sing about painters — he’s also a painter himself. In his new memoir, Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars, the musician shares watercolors and prints, all depicting one of his greatest passions: cars.

Young’s artwork is also on display in an exhibit at Los Angeles’s Robert Berman Gallery, now through the end of November. One of the paintings even serves as the cover art for Young’s latest album, Storytone, which debuted this week:

Neil Young

Here are a few of the other works that illustrate Young’s memoir:

Neil Young
Neil Young
Neil Young

“I started with photographs, then I started thinking that photographs didn’t really go anywhere — they’re just photographs,” Young told the Los Angeles Times about his foray into painting. So he tested out some watercolor and charcoal paintings — and ended up with around two dozen works illustrating his memoir.

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