By Sarah Begley
November 6, 2014

A Dallas nurse who survived a bout of Ebola caught while treating a Liberian patient with the disease has told how she received only a “crash course” on treating the highly infectious disease.

Amber Vinson told People of her surprise at learning that her hospital, Texas Health Presbyterian, would be treating Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, and that she would be assigned to his care. “They told everyone to go downstairs except for me and one other nurse,” she says. “They gave us a crash-course education on this is what you have to wear, this is how you take it on and off.”

Vinson was sent to Emory University Medical Center for treatment after she tested positive for the disease, while a colleague who also contracted and survived the disease, Nina Pham, was treated at the National Institutes of Health. She says the two would text back and forth to encourage each other’s recovery.

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