Watch McDonald’s Prove the McRib Is Made of Actual Food

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Social media has not always been kind to McDonald’s. And so, the fast food chain hired MythBusters co-host Grant Imahara do disprove Twitter-feuled myths of pink slime and other gross rumors as part of a new ad campaign. The latest target in McDonald’s marketing campaign is the McRib.

Although the seasonal menu offering has a cult-like following, the company took a PR hit last year when an alleged image of the uncooked food went viral. Headlines ranged from: “Frozen McRib Photo Will Make You Question Everything In Life” to “Picture of frozen McRib goes viral, churns stomachs”:

1 reason I don't eat a McRib . it tastes gross & this is how it looks frozen

— Kelly (@GoldenFreaux) November 12, 2013

And so McDonald’s flew self-proclaimed hater Wes Bellamy, who had tweeted the picture and discouraged people from ever eating the McRib, out to Oklahoma City to see how the sandwich is made.

Although Bellamy calls himself a skeptic, the video chronicling the production process portrays him as quick to give McDonald’s-friendly soundbites. “This looks a lot different from a picture that I saw on Twitter,” he said. “So that’s how you keep it tasty like my Grandma’s barbecue!”

According to the McRib makers, the sandwich consists of only a few key ingredients: pork, water, salt, a sugar compound and preservatives to “lock in the flavor.”

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