4 Places to Listen to Taylor Swift Besides Spotify

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Taylor Swift just removed her music from Spotify, and it doesn’t look like they’re ever getting back together. But what now? Where will you be able to listen to Shake It Off? How will you get through your day without Out of the Woods?

Don’t rip your ears off in despair just yet– here are four places where you can still find Taylor Swift’s music online:

Rdio: You can listen to all of Taylor’s old albums here, but nothing from 1989, unfortunately.

Google Play: You can buy the entire album of 1989 on GooglePlay for $12.49, or individual songs for $1.29.

iTunes: 1989 is featured on iTunes and is on sale for $12.99.

Amazon: If you buy 1989 on CD on Amazon, it will automatically download all 13 tracks in MP3 format (and at $9.99, it costs less than iTunes.) You can also just buy the MP3 version for $12.49.

Other music sites like Pandora and Songza also still have Taylor’s music, but it’s not immediately clear whether they have 1989. And besides, you can’t request to hear specific songs through those sites.

Just don’t steal the album illegally, because if you did that, you’d really be letting Taylor down—she wrote a whole op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about how piracy is changing the music industry.

Update: The original version of this story has been updated to remove links from a site that hosts music files without the permission of copyright holders.

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