Let Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Tell You How to Drink Your Coffee

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Coffee is no laughing matter. “You have to go in with the graveness and seriousness of a court date, of a wedding, of a funeral,” says Carrie Brownstein, who joined her Portlandia costar Fred Armisen on an episode of the Cooking Channel’s web series “You’re Eating it Wrong.”

The video is light on actual tips for preparation, focusing more on coffee shop etiquette: how to order, tip and engage in serious conversation with a friend by using your mug as a prop to convey the gravity of what you’re saying.

Armisen and Brownstein appeared on the show to promote The Portlandia Cookbook, which features real recipes inspired by the absurd food-related sketches on their show (chickens raised on an organic cult, to name just one example).

Portlandia has, not surprisingly, taken on coffee as one of its Portland-centric parodies. An episode from the third season has Brownstein and Armisen leading an underground meeting of bearded baristas drafting a manifesto intended to “protect us as the artists that we are.” It’s only fitting, then, that they teach us how to be good consumers of one of their city’s finest provisions.

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