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Watch John Oliver’s Brilliant Takedown of the Sugar Industry

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What’s more disturbing than a sexy Louis CK Halloween costume? According to John Oliver, the epic amounts of sugar funneled into the mouths of American consumers not just on Halloween, but regularly throughout the year.

Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight addressed the fact that American children and adults typically eat 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, which translates to 75 pounds of sugar a year. “That’s like eating Michael Cera’s weight in sugar every single year,” Oliver said.

And it comes in the strangest forms, like Clamato juice (a pleasant combination of tomato juice, clams and 11 grams of sugar to hide the fact that you’re drinking clams) and cranberries (Ocean Spray says it should be exempt from adding disclosure labels due to the “unpalatable” taste of cranberries sans sugar.)

Oliver thinks the biggest problem is how much sugar Americans eat unknowingly, often due to vague regulation standards. Luckily he has a hilarious proposed solution to modifying labeling to let consumers know what they’re eating — and it’s just too good to ruin.

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