October 8, 2014 4:06 PM EDT

Squirrel burgers might be the next big trend for foodies.

This year, the annual Forest Showcase Food and Drink Festival in southern England hosted ‘The Extraordinary Squirrel Burger Challenge” on Oct. 4.

Participants were given a quarter of a pound of minced grey squirrel and additional ingredients and spices, according to AFP. The winner was a “Cajun Melt” followed by “Chicken of the Tree Surprise.”

“We have been told that grey squirrel tastes like the dark meat on a chicken and that a pair of mature squirrels provide about the same amount of meat as a medium sized chicken” said an event coordinator in a statement. “It is the ‘free range chicken of the tree.”

According to the coordinators, squirrels may be a sustainable food source.

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