October 2, 2014 7:12 AM EDT

On Ebola’s Trail

U.S. health officials were working Wednesday to determine whether the first diagnosis of Ebola on American soil is an isolated case—or whether the patient may have infected others. Here’s how they’re doing it

Hong Kong Stands Up

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, galvanized by anger over Beijing’s decision to deny locals the right to freely elect the city’s top leader

Secret Service Director Resigns

Julia Pierson resigned amid embarrassing new revelations of breaches to the protective cordon around President Barack Obama

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Welcome Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who have welcomed a baby girl, the couple’s first child together — the latest big news for the former That ’70s Showco-stars, who in February announced their engagement

Florida Man Guilty of Murdering Teen Over Loud Music

A Florida man was convicted of first-degree murder on Wednesday in the 2012 death of a teen following an argument over loud rap music. During his trials, Michael Dunn argued he shot out of self-defense, claiming he saw a weapon flashed before opening fire

Archaeologists Believe They Found Dracula’s Dungeon

Researchers in Turkey have made a spooky discovery, just in time for the start of Halloween season: the cell where the real-life basis for the vampire Count Dracula, the Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler, was held in the 1400s

Netflix Signs Deal With Adam Sandler to Produce Four Films

Netflix has signed a deal with comedian Adam Sandler to star in and produce four films that will premiere exclusively on the streaming service. The deal is yet another jolt to the existing model of releasing movies first in cinemas and later to streaming sites

Facebook Apologizes for Blocking Drag-Queen Profiles

Facebook apologized to drag queens after enforcement of a “real-name policy” led to LGBT users being blocked from their accounts. Meanwhile, activists met at Facebook’s headquarters Wednesdays to demand change on profile treatment

Google Gives San Francisco Free Wi-Fi in Public Places

On Wednesday, San Franciscans were able to hook their gadgets up to free Wi-Fi that launched in 32 public locations. All that connectivity was funded by a $608,000 check from Google, in a move that could be seen as the tech behemoth taking steps to foster goodwill

Kissinger Made Plans to Attack Cuba, Say Records

U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger ordered contingency plans drawn up nearly 40 years ago to attack Cuba, according to government documents. Kissinger advocated for strong action to stop Fidel Castro, fearful that his incursion in Africa was making the U.S. look weak

Michael Phelps Had Blood Alcohol Nearly Double Legal Limit

Phelps reportedly failed two roadside sobriety tests before completely giving up on the third. “That’s not happening,” the 29-year-old Olympian is said to have told an officer who asked him to try standing on one leg. Phelps released an apology in a series of tweets on Tuesday

Yuri-ka! Doctor Zhivago Is Heading to Broadway This Spring

Preview performances of the show, based on Russian author Boris Pasternak’s 1957 novel and its subsequent 1965 Oscar-winning film adaptation starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie, will begin on March 27, with the show set to open on April 21

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