We’d Travel Across the Universe for These Beatles Pancakes

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Man, you could really have a Good Morning, Good Morning chowing down on these pancakes, which look exactly like the Beatles. The video above shows how pancake artist Nathan Shields managed to craft these very intricate flapjacks.

But Shields, who is also an illustrator, math teacher and father, doesn’t limit his edible art to musicians. On his Facebook page, he posts pictures of other creations, featuring everything from marine animals to Star Wars characters. Still, we’re pretty sure the Fab Four flapjacks are our favorite. Even the official Facebook page for the Beatles has shared the clip.

Alternate headlines for this post included:

Everyone Should Come Together to Admire These Beatles Pancakes

We’ve Got to Get These Beatles Pancakes Into Our Lives

Happiness Is a Warm Beatles Pancake

When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble, Beatles Pancakes Come to Me

The Long and Winding Road That Leads Me to Your Beatles Pancakes

Hey Jude Don’t Make It Bad, Take a Sad Pancake and Make It a Beatles Pancake

You Say You Want Some Beatles Pancakes, Well You Know We All Want to Change the World

You May Say I’m a Dreamer, But… Beatles Pancakes


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