September 25, 2014 6:52 AM EDT

Mary Barra’s Bumpy Ride at the Wheel of GM
The General Motors CEO has already faced a devastating recall. Now she must reinvent the company—and its cars

The 3% Economy
Yes, 3% growth is better than 2%. But, for most Americans, it’s actually more worrisome

After the Revolution: Sitting Down With Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi
In one of his first interviews with the U.S. press, Egypt’s President pushes for a wider war on terror in the Middle East

Syria’s Jihadis Should Be Confronted, Not Feared
We are far from being the country we were on 9/11. The dangers we face are more modest and our ability to respond to them are improved

White House’s Weak Security
A deranged intruder exposes shows risks facing nation’s most exclusive address

Meet Alibaba’s Jack Ma
The man leading China’s online shopping giant to America

Police ‘Body Cams’ Shine New Spotlight
What will new police video surveillance show us?

Why the Anti-Vaccine Crowd Won’t Fade Away
People who are reluctant to vaccinate their kids often think they know better than the doctors

The Politics of Nothing
Both conservatives and Liberals have accomplished much of what they set out to do a generation or more ago. So, now what?

A Virtual Cycle
Nobody wins when voters only experience politics second hand

The Culture

Lena Dunham: A Generation’s Gutsy, Ambitious Voice
The Girls star takes on Hollywood, friendship, rape culture, and more—with humor and tenderness—in her new memoir

Gillian Flynn’s Marriage Plot
How the author of ‘Gone Girl’ changed the way you look at your spouse

David Fincher’s Subtle and Wild Gone Girl
Amazing Amy and slick Nick survive the transition from print to film

Stromae’s Lost Generation
The Belgian pop star comes to the U.S.

André Benjamin’s Next Act
‘Hey Ya!’s most outlandish half looks to the future

Denzel Goes Old Testament
A sick city gets its ‘Equalizer’

Stalkers Cheap Thrills
Avert your eyes from this voyeur cop show

10 Questions With Sylvia Earle
The oceanographer on why she keeps diving, being granted a wish, and why the ocean needs parks

Kenny Loggins and Joel Stein’s Greatest Hit
This is what I learned when I collaborated on the best song ever written


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