Turns Out New Yorkers Aren’t the Rudest Drivers After All

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Everyone knows the archetypal angry motorist is the schmo who steps out of his car and yells in Brooklynese, but according to a recent survey, New Yorkers aren’t the rudest drivers on the road: It’s Idahoans.

A survey by Insure.com asked 2,000 drivers nationwide about driving habits, and Idaho was acknowledged as the home of the most ornery automotive drivers. Idaho drivers complained of motorists who are either much too slow, or much too aggressive, which apparently creates tension between the go-getters and the slow-getters.

“If you’ve driven [it] hundreds of times, you know [the road] and pick up your speed,” Idaho resident Eric Leins said in the survey “So those driving them for the first time may have the experienced drivers honking their horns and flipping them the bird.”

New Yorkers ranked as the third-rudest drivers, and indeed, it’s common knowledge that in the bustle of the New York metropolitan area streets, discourtesy reigns. “I’m trying to figure out if that woman talking on her cell and smoking a cigarette is going to run a stop sign,” Steven Lowell, a Staten Island resident said. “Good thing she did 75 miles an hour up to the stop sign and then flipped me off for not letting her go.”

Massachusetts “Massholes,” meanwhile, came in fifth among the nation’s bad drivers.


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