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Over on YouTube, Dom Esposito burns through a roughly six-minute overview of the developer version of Android Wear, the software that’ll power Android-based smartwatches set to hit the market this year (see my colleague Jared Newman’s excellent Android Wear write-ups here and here).

In the above video, Esposito shows off the developer version of Android Wear, which he loaded onto his HTC One smartphone. Though the functionality shown in the video is a far cry from what we’ll see in finished products, the tour should give you a good idea of how text messages, tweets, email and calls will be handled.

Of all the smartwatch offerings on the market right now, I’ll admit that the Moto 360 watch shown in the video is the only one to have caught my interest to the point that I’m actually considering buying one. Two things will make or break the purchase for me, however: price and battery life.

For me, anything north of $150 probably won’t cut it. As for battery life, I don’t expect to get more than a few days out of each charge, but I certainly don’t want to have to charge it every night. Ideally, the screen would stay off to conserve battery life unless a call, text message or email comes through. In other words, I wouldn’t use this thing to tell time.

Google Android Wear: Full Overview And Demo (Beta) [YouTube via Tim Stevens]

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