Jennifer Garner at the premiere of Men, Women & Children at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Arthur Mola—Invision/AP
September 11, 2014 5:19 PM EDT

Here’s one way to keep your sexy photos from getting stolen and published all over the Internet: Take polaroids instead.

“That’s what we do at the Affleck house!” Jennifer Garner joked during a recent interview with Vanity Fair about her new drama, Men, Women & Children, which takes a look at the role technology plays in sex and intimacy today. “We have a stack of sexy polaroids.”

Garner’s “tip” comes in the wake of dozens of celebrities falling victim to their nude photos being leaked, the apparent result of a hacker infiltrating a backup storage service. And it’s pretty solid “advice,” too, even if she doesn’t really have those pictures — as a mom of three, she’s concerned about the risks that the Internet and social media pose to her kids.

“It makes you feel kind of sick to your stomach,” Garner said about the movie, in which she plays an overprotective mom who’s so concerned about her teenager’s online activity that she monitors all their digital communications. “With parenting, how I feel about it, and specifically my character I guess, you’re just trying to get it right. You’re trying to do right by your kids and you’re trying to protect them.”

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