The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
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September 10, 2014 6:59 AM EDT

The U.S. War Against ISIS Online

The U.S. government is ramping up its efforts to neutralize the militant group ISIS’s success at recruiting over social media, a digital battlefield that has become a vital theater in the war on terrorism as ISIS beheads Americans and recruits Westerners

Inside Apple’s New Watch

The Apple Watch, the all-new wearable gadget, is a beautifully designed piece of technology with enormous potential, writes TIME’s Matt Vella

NFL Doesn’t ‘Rule Out’ Rice Playing Again

Commissioner Roger Goodell won’t count suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, caught on video punching his fiancée, out of the game forever

Understanding the ISIS Threat to Americans at Home

When the President tells the country Wednesday why he is stepping up military action against ISIS, his biggest challenge may be reconciling for war-weary Americans his administration’s conflicting messages about whether the group poses an immediate homeland threat to the United States

Brown Wins New Hampshire Republican Senate Primary

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown won New Hampshire’s Republican U.S. Senate primary on Tuesday; Brown had faced nine opponents in the primary, though only two mounted serious campaigns, and he was the front-runner from the start

How Grief Makes You Sick in Old Age

It’s a story that’s familiar and sad, if completely romantic: One half of an elderly couple passes away, and the partner follows soon after. A new study may explain why some partners die only a short time apart, as age alters how the body responds to bereavement

Ebola Is a ‘Serious Threat’ to Liberia’s Existence, Says Minister

The Ebola virus is posing a “serious threat” to Liberia’s existence, “spreading like wildfire and devouring everything in its path,” the country’s Defense Minister told the U.N. Security Council; Liberia is worst-hit among affected nations with at least 1,200 recorded deaths

‘Team Internet’ Launches Protest for Net Neutrality

A coalition of popular web companies known as Team Internet — including Netflix, Upworthy, Vimeo, Mozilla, Foursquare and other companies opposed to proposed FCC changes to levels of net access — is set to launch an online protest for net neutrality on Wednesday

Death Toll Mounts in India, Pakistan Floods

The devastating floods resulting from Kashmir’s worst rains in half a century claimed more lives on Tuesday, with the total death toll now breaching 400 and local people decrying both Indian and Pakistani officials for failing to adequately deal with the catastrophe

Wealthy Kids Are More Affected by Divorce Than Poor Kids

Children of wealthy families that come apart have a bigger spike in behavior problems than children of poor families who experience the same thing, but wealthier children benefit more from being incorporated into stepfamilies than poorer children do

5 Children Found Dead in Alabama, Father Detained

A man is suspected of killing his five kids in South Carolina and then driving all the way to Alabama before dumping their bodies on a dirt road and fleeing to Mississippi; his lifeless children were found wrapped in individual plastic bags

More Pilots in Crashes Are on Drugs, Report Says

More pilots involved in crashes are testing positive for drugs, according to an analysis of reports going back 20 years by the National Transportation Safety Board. In 1990, just 9.6% of pilots involved in crashes tested positive for one drug, compared with 39% in 2012

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