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On Sept. 9, tech giant Apple will at long last unveil its newest gadget, the highly anticipated iPhone 6. The company has plenty of experience in building up hype and then pulling off a presentation that convinces the crowd they’re watching the future unfurl before their very eyes. Go back through the years, starting in 1977 with a young Steve Jobs ushering in affordable personal computing with the Apple II, to his successors showing off cutting edge computers that fit in your pocket with the latest iPhones. Whether it’s convincing a West Coast Computer Faire crowd that floppy disks and the mouse are worthwhile ideas, or presenting a button-sized professional-grade camera, Apple’s releases never disappoint.

Correction: This post incorrectly reported the Apple II was introduced in 1984 at Harvard University. The Apple II was unveiled in 1977 at the West Coast Computer Faire.

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