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Watch Daniel Radcliffe Fans Freak Out When He Surprises Them After a Movie Screening

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In what he called “a cunning and hopefully joyful act of deception,” Daniel Radcliffe decided to surprise fans following a screening of his new movie, What If.

These viewers think they’re gathering to do short interviews about their reactions to the film. But really, they’re being gathered so they can just completely freak out when the actor walks up behind them for this hilarious clip from BuzzFeed Video. Naturally, reactions include a lot of squealing, gasping and yelling, “Oh my god.”

After they calm down a bit, most people ask for hugs, which Radcliffe gamely hands out like they’re Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

He says he “feels kind of bad doing this to so many people” but like, c’mon Harry Potter, you know you love it.


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