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Here Are the 27 Best Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

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Love it or hate it, everyone from high school math teachers to Justin Timberlake has been dumping buckets of ice water over their heads to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease—a movement that’s raised more than $5.5 million for the ALS Association since July 29, compared to $32,000 in the same period last year.

But not every challenge video is created equal. Acknowledging the cause, reacting well to the pour, using a decently-sized bucket—there’s a real art to making a charitable splash. Here, the best celebrity contributions.

1. Chris Pratt
Looks like he isn’t just good at french braiding hair. Pratt has one of the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenges we’ve seen. And we’ve seen…a lot.

2. Oprah
And best scream goes to…

3. LeBron James
LeBron was giving the Queen of Talk some stiff competition

4. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor
“I’m not sure what the exact scientific connection is getting ice water dumped on you and finding a cure but ok.” Preach, Ben, preach.

5. Amy Schumer
Unsurprisingly, Schumer didn’t quite get the concept of the challenge. What do we think: did she douse herself in icing? Clam Chowder?

6. Conan O’Brien
The comedian was also a tad confused on the details. No Conan, you don’t get paid to ice yourself.

7. Bill Gates
In true overachiever form, Bill Gates didn’t just dump a bucket of ice over his head. The tech genius built an intricate contraption to get the job done. The Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge experience comes complete with slow motion and multiple camera angles. Enjoy.

8. Jeff Bezos
Bezos couldn’t just pour the bucket of ice water over his head. Instead he had to do a standup routine during an all-hands meeting.

9. Macklemore
The hip-hop artist turned the challenge into a music video.

10. Emmy Rossum
A bikini-clad Rossum also took the ALS challenge as an opportunity to plug her new movie, You’re Not You, by nominating her co-stars Josh Duhamel and Hilary Swank.

11. Mark Zuckerberg
Of course the Facebook founder used a blue recycling bin as a bucket. Kind of wish he did it in a hoodie, though.

12. Steven Spielberg
Spielberg was all smiles when he accepted the challenge.

13. Lady Gaga
Gaga, on the other hand, was NO smiles.

14. Lena Dunham
Her intrigued dog really makes the video.

15. Taylor Swift and Jaime King
Apparently the duo’s hair can even look good when drenched by a bucket of ice water.

16. Selena Gomez
The pop star might have accepted the challenge, but she didn’t inflict it on anyone else. Gomez made no nominations. (Although her whole team decided to donate to the cause, too.)

17. Tyler Perry
“That’s cold! That’s cold! That’s cold!”

18. Martha Stewart
The crafting icon did the Ice Bucket challenge a whopping 4 weeks ago, before most people even knew what it was. But she kept it a little too contained for our taste.

19. Elizabeth Banks
While Banks’ reaction to the ice water was pretty great, doing it in the shower seemed a little too “safe.”

20. Justin Bieber
Some people in the Twitterverse complained that they couldn’t see any ice in Bieber’s bucket.

21. Jimmy Fallon, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Steve Higgins, and The Roots
We really admire the efficiency — so many celebrities, just one video — and the fact that the clip doesn’t end after the water is dumped over their heads. Watching The Roots jump up and down to get warm is pretty adorable, too.

22. Chris Christie
Great form. The New Jersey governor didn’t even flinch when his two adorable children poured the ice water over his head. (Using cute kids is kind of cheating, but effective.)

23. Matt Lauer
There was a strange satisfaction in watching a pregnant Savannah Guthrie dump a bucket of ice water on Matt Lauer’s head. Lauer also stepped up by saying that even though he was wet, he would still donate to an organization that fights ALS. Et tu, Zuckerberg?

24. Justin Timerberlake
Points for the hair flip.

25. Kerry Washington
Washington’s Ice Bucket Challenge video was shrouded in secrecy: The actress did it on behalf of the Scandal cast since she didn’t want to give away who was and wasn’t shooting.

26. Lisa Murkowski
While some tentatively poured a child-sized bucket of ice water over their heads, the Alaskan senator jumped into a pool of freezing water. “When we take a challenge, we take it head on,” she said, before nominating the entire U.S. Senate to the challenge.

27. Ethel Kennedy
Kennedy might have needed some help lifting the bright orange bucket of ice over her head, but the lady is 86 years old. And she did it in an all white outfit. #Fearless

Notable absence:
We’re looking at you, President Obama.

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