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August 14, 2014 6:45 AM EDT

Robin Williams: The Heart of Comedy
One man with a thousand voices brought joy to millions—but could not sustain it in himself

Obama Can Still Secure His Legacy
If he plays his last two years like the final quarter and not the back nine

An Evil That Must Be Stopped
ISIS is the most serious threat to American interests in a decade. Why we must counter it

Last Tango in Buenos Aires
Argentina’s debt snarl tells us how risky the global financial system still is

Ferguson’s Fatal Encounter
A police shooting puts the spotlight on race and lethal force in America

The Accidental War in Gaza
Entrenched interests drove Hamas and Israel to their deadliest impasse

What Comes After Ebola
The headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is buzzing because of a disease that has never killed a single person on U.S. soil. Here’s why

Kurds Finally Have America’s Attention
Obama sends in the military to repel a gruesome terrorist army

Crashing the Core Curriculum
New education standards have turned back-to-school into a battlefield

Memories of Mork: Robin Williams, RIP
To the kids who watched him in his first defining role, Williams proved that weirdness wasn’t just O.K. — it was amazing

Basking in Robin
We trace the evolution of a decades-long career, one signature role at a time

Dick Cavett: Robin Williams Won’t Be the Last Suicidal Star
“The non-actor has a major advantage because it’s harder to hide the symptoms”

10 More Questions With Robin Williams
In March 2011, TIME interviewed Robin Williams. Here are 10 exchanges that didn’t fit the first time around


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