A still from Robin Hood: Men in Tights
20th Century Fox
By Eliana Dockterman
August 13, 2014

NBC has a deal to adapt the musical Robin Hood & Marian into a 10-hour event series on its network. It’s likely to include as many as 60 original songs, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The announcement comes as TV networks are increasingly doubling down on musical events. NBC’s live version of The Sound of Music, starring Carrie Underwood, drew a huge audience. The network has announced two other musical events: Peter Pan starring Allison Williams and The Music Man. Meanwhile, Fox is planning a Grease live musical.

Boardwalk Entertainment group is behind NBC’s production of Robin Hood as well as a Romeo & Juliet production for Fox.

“These projects are not typical musicals — we don’t have dance numbers and kick lines,” Boardwalk co-founder Tim Bogart said. “But they’re also emerging at a time where Beyonce releases a video album— not just a music album — and where many people get their music on YouTube. The marriage of visuals and music has always been in a constant state of evolution, [and] we believe both Romeo & Juliet andRobin Hood & Marian have the opportunity to take this new form to the next level.”


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