The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
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August 13, 2014 7:57 AM EDT

Missouri Town Erupts After Shooting

Anger and frustration mounted in the town of Ferguson, Mo., as officials in St. Louis County remained mum but also ramped up police presence days after an unidentified officer shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown to death

More Exercise Isn’t Always Better

There may be an upper limit to how helpful exercise can be on your heart. Those who did the right amount lowered their risk of heart-related death by 63%

Hillary to Obama: Let’s Hug

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is looking to patch things up—”hug it out,” a spokesman said—with the President after criticizing his foreign policy

Hollywood Legend Lauren Bacall Dies at 89

Bacall’s career spanned more than six decades, and varied from her early days in the Golden Age of Hollywood to the stage. She is immortalized in her famous line in To Have and Have Not, “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and … blow”

Robin Williams: Residents Remember ‘Beloved’ Local Legend

Residents of Marin County, Calif., mourn the death of Robin Williams, a “beloved” community member. They describe him as a neighborhood fixture who didn’t want to be treated like a celebrity. Williams was found dead on Monday after police said he took his own life

Google Invests in a Superfast Cable Across the Pacific

The search giant will partner with five companies to build an underwater cable system from the U.S. West Coast to Japan, delivering incredible speeds of 60 terabytes per second. The project should be completed in 2016 and is described as the largest trans-Pacific cable ever

Donald Trump Isn’t the Only Loser in Atlantic City

The two-year old, twice-bankrupt, $2.4 billion Revel casino will shut down after its owners failed to find a buyer, company officials announced this week, and it will join three others in the New Jersey gambling destination that are due to shutter this year

Palestinians Mull Egyptian Proposal for Gaza Truce

Negotiators were mulling over an Egyptian proposal to end the month-long war as the latest 72-hour cease-fire, during which Israel has halted military operations and Gaza militants have stopped firing rockets, was due to expire at midnight on Wednesday

North Dakota Considers New Energy Regulations

The federal government is weighing new rules to bolster the safety of trains transporting flammable material, but the push could run into trouble in North Dakota, the state at the heart of the oil boom and the source of much of the crude sliding along the nation’s rails

Justin Bieber Stays Out of Jail in DUI Case

The pop star is basically off the hook for engaging in what looked like an illegal drag race in Miami. On Wednesday, he’ll plead guilty to two misdemeanors as part of a court deal to avoid a DUI charge that could have yielded more serious consequences

Photos: Dramatic Scenes of Iraqi Helicopter Crash Aftermath

A helicopter delivering aid to displaced civilians of the Yazidi ethnicity crashed in northern Iraq on Tuesday; the pilot was killed and several passengers were injured, including Moises Saman, an award-winning Magnum photographer on assignment for TIME

Top Math Prize Awarded to a Woman for the First Time

Iranian mathematician and Stanford professor Maryam Mirzakhani received the Fields Medal, considered the Nobel Prize of math, and marked an important milestone in the male-dominated academic field. All 52 previous winners of the award were men

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