Five Best Ideas of the Day: August 12

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1. Forty lost years: the case for one six-year term for U.S. presidents.

By Lawrence Summers in the Financial Times

2. Hashtag activism may not change the world, but #Iftheygunnedmedown highlights its power as media criticism.

By James Poniewozik in Time

3. Decoding the malaria parasite – at the genetic level – could give us a shot at beating the disease.

By Anne Trafton at MIT News Service

4. Trade short-haul air for high-speed rail and help the climate.

By Jacob Anbinder and Neil Bhatiya in the Fiscal Times

5. We must deepen our investment in development and diplomacy to address the roots of the crisis at our border.

By Lt. Gen. Norman R. Seip (Ret.) in the Tennessean

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