March 19, 2014

When Katy Perry tweets that she’s “obsessed” with your debut single, you have a lot to live up to. Allie X proves that she’s up to the challenge with her follow-up song, “Prime.”

“Prime” — which comes just one month after her seemingly out-of-the-blue debut single, “Catch” — suggests that Allie X is no one-hit wonder: She can seemingly produce bubbly and stylish tracks with an impressive ease that should hopefully inspire Robyn to hurry back into the studio already.

The track is an injection of sparkly synth-pop that’s so catchy. it reminds you of why pop songs are called infectious in the first place. The dizzying sing-song beat pairs well with the video that features X spinning endlessly on a stool as she sings, “Get me what I want and it should be fine.”

If Allie X keeps crafting songs like this, your summer playlist should be more than fine.

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