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March 20, 2014 10:00 AM EDT

Remember: It never hurts to listen to your mother and mind your manners, but it can definitely hurt if you don’t.

A 20-year old South Carolina man was reminded of that lesson the hard way this weekend.

Isaiah Morris was eating at noted fine dining establishment Taco Bell on Sunday when another man in the restaurant demanded to know whether he had belched without saying “excuse me.”

While there’s no word on whether Morris actually committed the rude offense, a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun says that when Morris asked the manners-minded man to repeat himself, he instead grabbed a chair and hit Morris on the elbow. The man then grabbed Morris’s throat and tried to head butt him, presumably to remind him to be more polite in the future. That’s when a restaurant worker intervened and told the man to leave.

According to WYFF, police said the man left in what might have been a white pickup truck, but there are no further leads in the case.

[Via The Smoking Gun/ WYFF ]

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