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Eric has decimated the hordes of hit men on his tail, but cuts his rampage short when he sees that the Yakanomo thugs have Pam in silver chains and a gun to her head. Still dressed in their Texas Republican fundraiser finery, they are taken captive and the Yakanomo thugs tie them up to wait for sunrise. It’s their first sunrise together, which would be sweet except for the fact that the sun will kill them. On the plus side, as Pam notes the room does have wall-to-wall carpeting. Before the sun can turn them to dust, Gus Jr., the head of the Yakanomo Corp., wants a little information on the whereabouts of Sarah Newlin — after all, she destroyed his company. As Eric and Pam sizzle in the sunlight, they make a deal with the Yakanomo devil to help him track down Sarah — but only if Eric gets to kill the “bobblehead blonde” himself. With a deal struck, Eric and Pam tell the Yakanomo boss about Sarah’s vampire sister, Amber.

At Amber’s house, Sarah is busily trying to make amends with her sister. Unfortunately her sister wants her dead, but passes out from her Hep V symptoms before she can do Sarah in. Amber wishes she were dead, though, when she awakes to find Sarah prattling on endlessly about finding her new path via an ashram in the hills above Los Angeles. Just as Amber’s about to fang her, Sarah tells Amber that while she was fleeing Vamp Camp, she chugged the cure to Hep V and her blood can heal her.

When Eric and Pam show up with the Yakanomo thugs in tow, they find that Amber’s home and healed. They have a few questions.

Meanwhile, Bill, who discovered the tell-tale curl of Hep V–blackened vein making its way up his chest last week, wants to get his affairs in order. While he is making arrangements to see a lawyer, Jessica overhears his diagnosis. When he says goodbye before leaving for the lawyer’s office, she doesn’t tell him that she caught James naked wrestling with Lafayette, and he doesn’t tell her about his diagnosis.

Over at Lafayette’s house, both Lettie Mae and James need a place to crash. When Lafayette warns Lettie Mae from even thinking about taking a cleaver to James while he sleeps, James offers up his blood. He believes drugs can help elevate the psyche to another plane and maybe they really can find Tara. Lafayatte shakes his head at the whole affair, but agrees to chaperone Lettie Mae on her V trip. Together they enter another realm and find Tara on a white cross with a Burmese python racking up some IMDb credits. They help her off the cross, and she runs. They follow her to her childhood home, where she hunkers down and digs in the dirt. As they are looking for answers, the reverend wakes them up and gives Lettie Mae an ultimatum: him or the V. She chooses Tara, and she and Lafayette head out to their old house to try and figure out what Tara wants them to find.

Sam finds Nicole on the phone with mommy. She is leaving and taking the baby. She wants Sam to come with her, because she alone has realized that Bon Temps is Crazy Town. He points out that he is the Mayor of Crazy Town, and it’s his home. He doesn’t want her to leave, but he’s definitely not going.

After knocking boots and other bits with Jessica, Jason is braced for the worst with Violet. Instead, he’s surprised to find his living room strewn with rose petals and his vampire lady in her finest agent provocateur, angling for seduction. Violet thinks she’s won Jason back, but when Jessica calls for help, Jason runs out the door and Violet rages in his wake.

Bill walks into his lawyer’s office and finds something akin to the Beetlejuice waiting room in the afterlife. The receptionist estimates a five to seven hour wait time, as every vampire with a Hep V diagnosis is trying to get their affairs in order too. While Bill waits, Jessica makes Jason fetch Sookie, who is not answering her phone. Jason hauls Sookie out of her bed, where she is still mourning the loss of Alcide and probably sleeping off a tequila hangover from his wake. Jason takes her to Jessica, who breaks the the bad news to them. While Jason doesn’t believe it, because Bill was a vampire god just a few months ago, Sookie wants to get tested. She got sprayed with Hep V blood during one of the brawls and gave Bill blood, and she thinks she may have inadvertently infected her beloved Bill with the deadly virus. As Bill sits in the waiting room, his Hep V goes haywire, spreading through his veins at an advanced clip. After hitting the clinic, Sookie finds out that she is positive for the virus. She sits quietly in the back of a pickup truck, brown-bagging a beer with her brother.

As the virus spreads through Bill’s body, his lawyer tells him that due to vampire discrimination, they have few choices for his estate. However, he can adopt Jessica if he wants to leave her his property. The process will only take six to 12 months, unless Bill wants to fork over $10 million to bump himself to the front of the line. He kills her instead and heads out the front door. Lawyers, man. Back at the Compton residence, Sookie breaks the news to Jessica. Bill walks in to find them comforting each other.

Sheriff Andy catches Holly’s son Wade — his soon-to-be stepson — naked on top of his daughter, Adilyn. He understandably flips out and chases Wade naked out the front door. Holly does not approve of Andy’s handling of the situation. Arlene mediates their disagreement and encourages them to go talk to their children instead of screaming at each other. Unfortunately the kids have run off together, because they are in love and want to be alone.

Jason comes home to find that Violet has left him. He’s thrilled. Violet has a plan, though. She tracks Adilyn’s fairy scent into the woods and finds her and Wade making out in a treehouse. She kindly offers her own home to the young couple, suggesting that they ditch their cell phones if they don’t want to be tracked. They thank her for her generosity and follow her into the night.

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