July 17, 2014 12:44 PM EDT

Last night, everyone’s favorite lint-rolling celebrity, Drake, hosted the ESPYs, ESPN’s annual sporting awards show. And as everyone from Hugh Jackman to Neil Patrick Harris to Ellen Degeneres and even Seth MacFarlane knows, hosting awards shows these days requires a certain flair for musical comedy.

To fulfill his quota of musical comedy, the Degrassi actor turned chart-topping rapper decided to deliver an over-the-top (if still spot-on) impression of Filipino champion boxer and current welterweight title holder, Manny Pacquiao, singing Disney’s “Let It Go.”

In the sketch, Drake/Manny explained his enduring love for the Frozen hit, because “it’s like a metaphor, like the world is so cold, but everybody is still so happy,” while his overbearing manager — played by Veep’s Gary Cole — nodded along approvingly.

You may think you have “Let It Go” fatigue, which may be recognized by the DSM-V by now, but you’re definitely going to want to watch this one, at least so you can say you saw it before Drake is chosen to host the Oscars in 2016.

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