By Nolan Feeney
July 15, 2014

Paris Hilton has tried many different jobs in her multihyphenate career as a socialite-actress-model-singer-jewelry-designer, but it’s hard to write off her music career as passing fling: at this point, it has spanned the better part of a decade. Some might say it’s been too long a wait for a follow-up to her better-than-you-thought-it-was debut, 2006’s Paris; others might say nobody ever asked her to sing in the first place, and they certainly didn’t ask for another album.

It doesn’t matter, though. Like it or not, Paris Hilton is still making music, and her new video for “Come Alive” graced the Internet with its presence today. Something about it seemed a little familiar, though, so TIME took another look and identified six of Hilton’s most likely inspirations.

0:14: Basking in the red glow of a sunset while sporting voluminous hair in an open meadow? Hilton is not the only girl in the world to have tried that look.

0:21: “Like, what if theme for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was Black Swan?” Hilton probably said during a meeting about this video.

0:42: I wonder if anyone has ever lounged about on a cloud of cotton candy before.

0:45: Well, somebody really likes the Masters of Sex opening credits sequence. Or at least that Britney Spears perfume commercial.

2:26: Rainbows and unicorns can only mean one thing: Paris Hilton is a real-life Lisa Frank folder.

2:40: Here, a rare Pokémon known as Suicune can be seen in its natural habitat.

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