Common Ventures
July 9, 2014 7:30 AM EDT

What does Cersei Lannister drink after a hard day of power politics (or every day, all the time)? Why, wine, of course. Dornish wine may be the beverage of choice for the Seven Kingdoms, but The Wines of Westeros allow us non-royalty to take part as well.

The fan-made project, by creative agency Common Ventures, gathers 12 wines named for the major houses plus the Night’s Watch, Dothraki, Wildlings, and White Walkers. The collection is available for pre-order to be delivered next year when season five launches—presumably giving the liquid time to age. Like any great wine, which one you choose is determined by what kind of terroir you’re looking for. House Lannister gets a dark pinot noir and Martell gets a cabernet. The White Walker vintage, unfortunately, is not an ice wine, but a sauvignon blanc.

With their potent personalities, it’s not hard to imagine what flavors the house wines might reveal. Below, some tasting notes.

Dothraki Merlot

Hints of horse’s heart on the tongue. Slightly dusty in the back of the throat. Long, violent finish.

Night’s Watch Shiraz

Tastes like it’s been stewed for days over a smokey fire. Slight suggestions of roasted bird—one might even detect crow. Best savored alone, forever.

Wildling Sauvignon Blanc

Sharp, but with an inner warmth as the liquid moves around the mouth. Best served as cold as the Arctic tundra and poured into a sack made from the skin of a dead animal.

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