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This App Tells You How Much Pizza to Order

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Few things are as difficult as ordering the right amount of food for a group; it’s a complex task where the vital details—how hungry everyone is, how much they can eat, what everyone’s in the mood for—are mostly intangible. That goes double when you’re hungry.

Fortunately, someone’s addressed the problem (for pizza, at least): Web designer Rick Mendes has written an app, Pizza Counter, to accurately assess how much pizza you should get.

Here’s Alyssa Bereznak, from her review of the app over at Yahoo Tech:

The tool, made by New Jersey-based Web designer Rick Mendes, takes into account three important factors when you’re ordering for a group: everyone’s general level of hunger, the maximum size of pie you can order from the restaurant in question, and how many people will be eating. It’ll also use your location to pull up the closest pizza places nearby”

Although seriously – is there really such a thing as too much pizza?

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