Where Is the Cast of Boy Meets World Now?

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Not all the actors from Boy Meets World will be returning for Girl Meets World, which premieres tonight on the Disney Channel, but that’s no reason to not check in with what Cory, Topanga and the rest of the gang have been up to since BMW went off the air. Ben Savage, who spoke with TIME about the new series, will be reprising his role as Cory, as will Danielle Fishel as Topanga. Other former cast members will be returning in guest-starring roles, some of which have already been revealed. As for the rest, however, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Ben Savage will be reprising his role as Cory Matthews in 'Girl Meets World.' Cory will be filling the large shoes of Mr. Feeny, teaching history to his daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and her friends.Getty Images (2)
Danielle Fishel will also be reprising her 'Boy Meets World' role as Topanga Lawrence in the spinoff. No official word yet on whether she'll be the joyfully bizarre Topanga of Season 1 or the reasonable one of subsequent seasons — smart money is on the latter. Getty Images (2)
William Daniels has been confirmed as a guest star in 'Girl Meets World,' reprising his role as George Feeny. Daniels is 87 years old now, but that just means Feeny will have an extra 14 years of wisdom inside him. Where does he put it, honestly?Getty Images (2)
Sadly we don't know whether Will Friedle will be returning to his role as BMW's best character, Eric Matthews. Cory's older brother carried the show in its later years, and since the end of 'BMW,' Friedle has done most of his work off-screen as a voice actor. Getty Images (2)
Rider Strong will appear in 'GMW' as Cory's best friend, Shawn Hunter. Strong has appeared in a slew of independent films since 'BMW' aired its final episode.Getty Images (2)
No word yet as to whether Strong's on-screen brother, Matthew Lawrence will be returning as Jack. The issue is perhaps muddled because it appears that Lawrence has not aged a day in the last 15 years.Getty Images (2)
Trina McGee, who played Topanga's best friend and Shawn's on-again, off-again paramour Angela Moore, hasn't been mentioned much in discussions about who will be returning for the spinoff. McGee hasn't had many screen credits in the last few years years, her most coming in 2009's 'Da Booty Shop.'Getty Images (2)
Betsy Randle, who played Cory's world-class mom Amy, will be back for 'GMW,' at least in some capacity. Randle hasn't appeared much on the screen since 'BMW' wrapped, but the new show wouldn't be the same without her.Everett; Getty Images
William Russ, who played Cory's tough-love dad Alan, has been one of the busiest 'BMW' alums and will be returning along with Randle to provide Cory and Topanga with some much-needed parental advice.Everett; Getty Images

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