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Breaking Bad Is the Most Binge-Watched TV Show Ever, Study Finds

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Apparently the blue meth on Breaking Bad isn’t the only addictive thing about the show.

TiVo‘s latest analysis of consumer watching habits found that the tale of mild-mannered chemistry teacher Walter White’s transformation into drug kingpin Heisenberg is the most “binge-watched” show–with “binge” defined as three or more episodes per day, which is certainly on the less extreme end of the spectrum.

In the survey, 91% of people said that they had binge-watched a show at some point, NBC reports, and 35% said they had binge-watched Breaking Bad. Close behind were Netflix drama House of Cards with 29%, and HBO epic Game of Thrones at 25%.

The most popular genres for binging, according to the study, are dramas and crime dramas, followed by reality, sitcoms and home improvement programming. Binge-watching was also heavily influenced by easy access to the shows. Breaking Bad, which ended its run last September, experienced a surge in viewers trying to “catch up” before the final season’s finale.

More than half of the respondents reported that they never or rarely binge-watched in the company of others. And as for that three-episode definition, a significant portion of respondents know that’s amateur hour: 14% said they had watched an entire season of a show in a single week.

So, next time you want to finish a season in a few days, just channel your inner Walter White and tell yourself: “We’re done when I say we’re done.”

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