Daniel Radcliffe portrays Harry Potter with Hedwig the Owl in a scene from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1."
Jaap Buitendijk—Warner Bros/AP
June 20, 2014 6:42 PM EDT

Harry Potter’s owl isn’t even his favorite Hedwig.

Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the movie adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s book series, said Friday that he would choose the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch over Hedwig, Harry’s beloved snowy owl.

The question during a BuzzFeed event was admittedly ill-formed: What did it mean to “choose” one over the other? Were his options seeing a Broadway show starring Neil Patrick Harris once or owning a highly intelligent, mail-delivering, proud, loyal bird? If so, his choice seems inexplicable.

“They’re also hard things to compare,” Radcliffe conceded, after making his selection.

Fans disappointed by his choice were probably further saddened to learn that Radcliffe was not a big fan of the Harry Potter book series as a child. On the bright side, they just learned that the Diagon Alley theme park will open its doors early next month.

Daniel Radcliffe says he'd chose Hedwig on Broadway over Hedwig the Owl.

— BuzzFeed Celeb (@BuzzFeedCeleb) June 20, 2014

Daniel wasn't really into Harry Potter as a child because he didn't love reading #BuzzFeedBrews

— BuzzFeed Celeb (@BuzzFeedCeleb) June 20, 2014

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