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Many were exuberant about Bryan Walsh’s widely shared June 23 cover story about what science got wrong in the war on fat. “You have no idea how delighted I was,” wrote Sue McAbery of Rhododendron, Ore. “I have been insisting butter is better than substitutes for 50 years. How nice to see … experts are saying so too!” “So @TIME says we should eat more butter? All righty, then. We’re on it,” tweeted Bon Appétit. Others, like Hunter College professor emerita Regina Linder, urged caution in interpreting the research. The story, she wrote, “demonstrates that the reduction of dietary fat in the U.S. was substituted (or occurred coincidentally) with an increase in simple carbohydrates … It does not demonstrate the safety of fats.” And for Jacqueline Buie of Pacifica, Calif., the takeaway was this: “Moderation in all things. It seems my mother was right after all.”


Joe Klein’s column criticizing widespread attacks on the Bergdahl family, including on Fox News, prompted much commentary in support of the Bergdahls in their ordeal. Dennis Moonier of Portland, Ore., said,”Thank you for articulating a sane and humane opinion.” “One thing we are lacking in the U.S. is the ability to put ourselves into someone else’s situation,” added AlphaJuliette on Time.com. Others, like Ed Mee of Maui, Hawaii, argued that Klein was too “far to the left” and that “CNN reported the same outrage as Fox. This is a nonpartisan problem for America.”


Warm kudos dominated the reaction to TIME’s Father’s Day project with LeanIn, which featured letters from famous dads like Matt Lauer, Terry Crews, Bobby Jindal and Robert Lopez. “Heart-meltingly adorable,” said Danielle Webb on Twitter. “Thanks @TIME for letting me write a letter to my girls,” tweeted Shaquille O’Neal. Meanwhile, reader Chris Dimino saw an opportunity: “What an incredible idea. Isn’t this something all dads should do? Should be its own website.”


In Pop Chart (June 23), we misstated when Henry Leutwyler photographed Michael Jackson’s belongings. The image shown was taken in February 2009, before Jackson’s death. In “Cross at Your Own Risk” (June 23), the wrong image appeared with text about Pittsburgh’s Liberty Bridge. The picture showed the city’s Fort Pitt Bridge.


In 2012 photographer Taylor Baucom began to follow Gena Buza, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a 2003 car accident. In the photo essay “Raising My Head High,” Baucom trails Buza, now 16, as she prepares for a high school milestone: prom. In this image, taken near her home in Camilllus, N.Y., Buza’s mother cleans her wheels with a toothbrush to help prevent dirt from getting tracked onto her dress. For more on Buza’s story, visit lightbox.time.com.


Recent efforts by House Republicans to relax nutritional standards for school lunches did not sit well with Chez Panisse owner and Edible Schoolyard educator Alice Waters. Read Waters’ plan to ensure sustainable and nutritious free lunches, at time.com/lunchtime.


Five years ago, contributing editor Jon Meacham, left, met Joe Manchin, right, then governor of West Virginia, at a lunch. “Most politicians, even in casual moments, are calculated about what they say,” says Meacham, who profiles the now Senator on page 36. “But he was honest about the challenges and joys of being governor.” With a new poll putting Congress’s approval ratings at a historical low, Manchin’s candid view of the Senate, says Meacham, “is sobering.”

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