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This App Lets You Tell Your Friends ‘Yo’

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In case you need another messaging platform in your life, there’s now a new app that lets you tell your friends “Yo.” That’s all it does.

The new app, appropriately titled “Yo,” doesn’t require you to sign up via Facebook. It doesn’t try to hoard your data to later serve you ads (yet). It doesn’t offer voice calling or disappearing images or the ability to send people smells. It literally just allows you to send the word “Yo” to other people. The main screen is a list of a user’s friends. Press a name and the friend gets a “Yo.” The app bills itself as a “single-tap zero character communications tool.” The simplicity introduces a “wide-open scope for personal interpretation,” according to the Financial Times.

The app, programmed in eight hours, has attracted 50,000 users who have sent about four million Yo’s since it launched, FT reports. Investors have kicked in $1 million in venture funding. An app that doesn’t do anything besides let you send the word “Yo” to other people may be the most promising startup since that messenger that was made exclusively for people eating at Applebee’s.

Yo is available for both iOS and Android for free.

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