A Middle Finger Emoji is Coming to a Phone Near You

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How do you tell your friends they’re being annoying over text? If words (or the ambiguous, smiling turd Emoji) aren’t getting your point across, you can wait until July, when 250 new Emoji arrive — including a middle finger icon.

The new characters are a part of an update of Unicode, the standards that regulate how text appears across platforms, but it’s up to the programmers behind iOS and Android to adopt the new standards with software updates.

While we already know what the middle finger Emoji will look like, here are our guesses for what the 10 most useful new Emojis will be — judging by their descriptions alone.

Rolled-Up Newspaper: To tell your colleagues that the viral video they sent you is old news.

Linked Paperclips: An international SOS symbol for “Help, I’m bored at work and passing the time by linking paperclips at my desk!”

Ballot Box With Bold Check: Didn’t you hear? “I Voted” stickers are so 2012.

Oil Drum: For debating the country’s reliance on fossil fuels during your free time.

Solid Quilt Square Ornament: To wordlessly remind your quilting group of your next meeting.

Black Droplet: For when you want to informally poll your neighbors about whether they think acid rain is to blame for your struggling garden.

Fax Icon: For when you’re mourning the loss of outdated technology and need a quick way to express your sadness to others.

Spider Web: The easiest approach to telling your girlfriend that you had a run-in with some strange arachnids and are actually Spider-Man now.

Man In Business Suit Levitating: To tell someone in HR that the new company wellness program is really showing you the way to enlightenment.

Black Skull And Crossbones: A succinct, easily understood way to summon pals to a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon on short notice.

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