You Can Now Eat The Chocolate Fried Chicken of Your Dreams

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After much anticipation, ChocoChicken — an eatery that specializes in, yes, chocolate-flavored fried chicken — has finally opened in Los Angeles. It’s the brainchild of Adam Fleischman, best known as the founder of Umami Burger.

Behold the restaurant’s signature dish:

The batter contains 62% bittersweet chocolate from a local Beverly Hills chocolate producer, the Los Angeles Times explains. That chocolate is also used in or on almost everything on the menu, including ketchup, duck fat fries and mashed potatoes.

“Chocolate isn’t there to make sweetness, it’s there to make more of a savory experience,” Fleischman tells the LA Times. “It just adds a lot more complexity because a lot of fried chicken is bland because they don’t do much to the chicken, the flavor is all in the coating.”

So, is it actually any good? Unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to fly to California to try it, but Los Angeles magazine offers the following assessment:

Brined for 36-hours, the chicken itself was exceptionally moist. The crunchy crust, stained a ruddy brown by the addition of ground chocolate, was subtely sweet and spicy. Oddly enough, the flavor was reminescent of chocolate graham crackers.

Um, yeah. We’d eat that.

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