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Five-Star Resort for Dogs Opens in Spain Complete With a Canine Swimming Pool

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No longer will your dog have to stand for the injustice of being forced to swim in dirty creeks and shabby inflatable backyard pools. Instead, you can send him to Spain’s Resort Canino Can Jane, where he can enjoy a new world-class swimming pool complete with slides and fountains — all designed specifically for dogs.

This canine resort, situated about a half hour north of Barcelona, was dreamt up by dog lover named Federico Cano, International Business Times reports. He probably realized that dogs are generally much better than people and building a resort for them was a better use of his time than building a normal resort for humans.

Here’s a taste of what your pup can expect:

If that video is to be believed, when your dog visits this pool, he’ll spend his time just cavorting around listening to “Happy” by Pharrell (because dogs don’t get sick of that song) along with charmingly whimsical Spanish tunes, and then you’ll be jealous because his life is a lot better than yours.

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