For decades, fat has been vilified as the worst part of the American diet. Scientists made their case, the government codified it with nutritional guidelines, and industry launched a fat-free food frenzy that hasn’t abated. But in those 40 years, people got sicker—and fatter. The new science shows fat isn’t the reason, and in fact, the nutrient might deserve even more room on our plates. Overall, the latest science on weight and dieting shows that there’s likely no one-size-fits-all approach and that people can succeed at achieving better health through a wide variety of ways—and foods.

Still, all this back and forth has made eating healthy seem more complicated than it really is. You might be surprised by what foods you don’t need to be avoiding. Click through the quiz above to see if you can guess which food is healthier.

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(Note: For our assessments we consulted nutritionists, like registered dietitian Keri Gans, weighed nutritional data from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and used our common sense).

This story was originally published June 12, 2014.

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