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June 6, 2014 2:57 PM EDT

If your aversion to modern technologies, creaking ankle or generally cantankerous nature hadn’t tipped you off, you’re probably old. But if you’d like some hard evidence to back that up — or to shed light on just how old you are — head over to the website aptly titled You’re Getting Old!

This site — which, fun fact, shares its name with a South Park episode — simply asks you to enter your birthdate. Then it spits back a series of facts and statistics about your lifespan. Want a refresher on what major world events happened during your childhood? You got it. Want to know the distance you’ve traveled as the Earth revolves around the Sun, or the number of times your heart has beaten or how many breaths you’ve taken? Done, done and done.

Another fun feature is a pie chart that shows how many people who share your birth date are still alive. And by “fun feature” we mean “vaguely morbid feature.”


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